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Back to the Pond

Not far from Pelican Rapids, MN, I live on 20 acres in rural Minnesota with twelve acres of land an an eight acre pond, my own Giverny. Confronted with the openness of the pond, the denseness of the foliage, continuous changing color and light, these are the influences upon my current work. Taking the experience of living at this location I use it as the focus for my abstract painting. Responding to this environment, I use marks and color to express the essence of place.

My paintings are not duplicates of this specific location. They are my responses to the unique environment. Using oil and acrylics, I strive for an open painterly approach capturing the essence of place, creating lush, colorful works of art. These painterly artworks are about color, light and a celebration of place and life.

    Back to the Pond exhibited at the Lake Region Arts Council

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